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Campbell Government recalls HST

Ok, now that I have your attention this is obviously a false headline. However, with Bill Van der Zalm’s  resurgence into the political landscape with his petition campaign against the tax, I thought I would provide some “hopeful energy” through my blog into cyberspace. Will the petition work? Probably not. Will people feel less bet-over-a-barrel […]

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2010 Federal Budget Highlights

– A lot of interesting changes with this budget including two eligible individuals being able to share child tax benefits. This is a big step in the direction of recognizing not only “split families” but fathers being as important as mothers in the raising of children.

Income Taxes
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The Tax Man Cometh

With tax season just around the corner, I thought that I’d provide you with a link to one of my favourite (and most useful) sites. . There is some very useful information compiled on these pages and, for those interested in income taxes (or how to avoid them) it’s a great resource.