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There must be a better way

It seems that the masses have backed Vander Zalm’s Anti-GST campaign and have put into motion a series of events that may bring the BC Liberal leadership to its knees. But at what cost? The Liberal government have already admitted to having to pulp almost $1 million dollars worth of pamphlets that were deemed “unusable” […]

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So Where’s The Revolt?

It’s been a few weeks since the implementation of the new Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia and, except for the rantings of a few politically minded individuals on the radio, the HST is here and will be in place for the near future. There are still rumblings about a petition list, ferried over to the BC […]

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HST Transition Rules for May 2010

Even though the Anti-HST petition campaign is in full-swing, it is prudent to assume that the HST will still become effective this year