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So Where’s The Revolt?

It’s been a few weeks since the implementation of the new Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia and, except for the rantings of a few politically minded individuals on the radio, the HST is here and will be in place for the near future.

There are still rumblings about a petition list, ferried over to the BC Legislative buildings in Victoria by a former BC Premier, and a future recall vote but, as I expected, the BC public has taken the tax with the usual  complacency that Canadians are typically known for.

As a bookkeeper, I actually enjoy the simplicity of the tax. It is much easier to back out the HST from an invoice rather than having to back out the GST and PST, then calculate the GST, and repost the difference. And, despite having the 7% increase applied to campsites throughout  the province, I still see countless motorhomes travelling at snail’s pace through the windy roads of Vancouver Island.

It’s still early and maybe we are all in shock. Or maybe the HST really ISN’T the evil monster that some have claimed it to be.

The next few months will certainly be interesting.

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