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Campbell Government recalls HST

Ok, now that I have your attention this is obviously a false headline. However, with Bill Van der Zalm’s  resurgence into the political landscape with his petition campaign against the tax, I thought I would provide some “hopeful energy” through my blog into cyberspace. Will the petition work? Probably not. Will people feel less bet-over-a-barrel […]

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2010 Federal Budget Highlights

– A lot of interesting changes with this budget including two eligible individuals being able to share child tax benefits. This is a big step in the direction of recognizing not only “split families” but fathers being as important as mothers in the raising of children.

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A New Beginning…

Welcome to the LeadingLedgers blog site. This blog will provide up-to-date information from the tax man (the Canada Revenue Agency) that is useful to small business. Other topics will include management tips, business advice, stories, and other items of interest. Our main website can be viewed at .