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Don’t Pay Too Much to your Tax Preparer

In a few short days, it will be February. The gloom will start to lift, the sun will shine more, birds will be seen more often, and T4s will begin to arrive (cue ominous music). For many people, tax time means racing through receipts, fumbling with paperwork, and getting “tax pain” (a lovely advertising gimmick […]

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There must be a better way

It seems that the masses have backed Vander Zalm’s Anti-GST campaign and have put into motion a series of events that may bring the BC Liberal leadership to its knees. But at what cost? The Liberal government have already admitted to having to pulp almost $1 million dollars worth of pamphlets that were deemed “unusable” […]

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So Where’s The Revolt?

It’s been a few weeks since the implementation of the new Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia and, except for the rantings of a few politically minded individuals on the radio, the HST is here and will be in place for the near future. There are still rumblings about a petition list, ferried over to the BC […]