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The Clouds are Rolling In

Lately, I’ve been evaluating a number of different “Cloud” solutions for accounting. There are a number of products available such as FreshBooks, Wave Accounting, Xero, and Quickbooks Online. Subscription prices and features vary anywhere from free to $40+ per month depending upon whether payroll is needed. As I take thes software through various trials, I’ll post some of my findings.

During my recent search, I came across the Microsoft Office 365 offers. I use Excel and Word on a daily basis in my business. However, I also work for a local college teaching business courses online including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Powerpoint, and MS Word. Office supply stores often charge hundreds of dollars for purchasing the software. However, Microsoft 365 has come out with a really great offer for Students as well as for Home Users.

Students in need of software should click to where they can purchase a full operational version of the Office 365 software for only $79!  It is a 4-year subscription (enough to get them through the under-graduate degree) and is available only to students and instructors at educational institutions.

After graduating, or for regular folks, there is this option   It is an ongoing subscription for $10 per month and is good for up to 5 computers.

Be sure to check the limitations and operating system requirements before purchasing (and I am in no way advocating that this is the best solution for anyone, nor am I being paid to promote these products). I am only providing some information for those that are interested.

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