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The Clouds are Rolling In

Lately, I’ve been evaluating a number of different “Cloud” solutions for accounting. There are a number of products available such as FreshBooks, Wave Accounting, Xero, and Quickbooks Online. Subscription prices and features vary anywhere from free to $40+ per month depending upon whether payroll is needed. As I take thes software through various trials, I’ll […]

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Why hire a bookkeeper?

It turns out that most people don’t find accounting interesting. In fact, it’s usually the part of running a small business that owners hate the most. Despite this, many entrepreneurs begrudgingly toil over their books for hours on end, often coming out with no better understanding of their business than when they started. Does this […]

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Are You Stressed?

For the last 3 years, I have been “burning the candle at both ends”.  I am a full-time instructor at a local college, I have built a successful accounting and bookkeeping firm, and I completed a professional accounting designation. I have become use to working 14 or 16+ hour days . The bulk of my […]